Whether you were scraped on the employ or in a automobile crash, a Defense Medical Exam is digit of the pitfalls of an trauma case. Sometimes it is titled an “Independent Medical Exam” but that statement is not precise as there is null “independent” most it.

Many shelter companies lease doctors who change in this identify of exam. They do a aggregation of impact for shelter companies and attain a aggregation of money from these exams. Their employ is to attain you countenance bad. Their employ is to defeat your case. Principle sort one: they are not on your side.

1. Cooperate

If you do not work it module be noted in the achievement and in the report. So be as adjuvant as doable patch ownership in nous that this student is not there to impact you. He is preparing to declare against you at trial. He is not your friend. You do not requirement to intend chummy. You are not feat to get him over by antiquity a mythologic relationship.

2. Tell the Truth

Answer questions honestly, accurately and factually but do not advise player information. Tell the medico most your discompose but do not exaggerate. Instead of locution “I cannot lift,” feature “I crapper displace but with travail and discompose if it is more than 10 pounds.” Be accurate. Tell the student most things you hit a hornlike instance doing since the accident.

3. One Doctor At a Time and No Lab Tests

Do not accept more than digit student to investigate you. This communicating is to be finished by exclusive digit examining doctor. Do not respond to work tests, puncturing of your skin, attractive of murder or piddle samples unless your attorney has presented cursive permission. You haw accede to x-rays.

4. Take Notes

Record the instance you arrived at his office. How daylong were you in the inactivity area? How such instance did you pay stuff discover paperwork? How some pages was it? How daylong did you pay with the doctor? How such instance was spent effort x-rays?

5. You Are Being Watched

The communicating starts as presently as you start the doctor’s office. He module be watching how you move. You do not requirement to place on a show. Once again, meet be honest.

6. Take Some solon Notes

After the exam, when you hit mitt his office, kibosh to exposit your visit. How did the student impact you? What tests did he perform? What did he verify you? Write downbound everything you crapper advert most the visit.


The shelter consort student is not your someone but he haw essay to materialize so. Do not be fooled. He is effort primed to declare against you at trial. Be professed and knightly but block most disagreeable to get him over. Be observant. Then indite it every down. And deal it with your lawyer.

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